Header image that reads fairy of mokosh in handwritten capital letters. To the left there is the fairy, which is a simple cartoon of an insect-like fairy with a dress, wings, stick arms and legs, eyes on stalks and antennae. To the right is a cartoon dolphin-like creature with antennae. The creatures are both green and looking towards the text in the centre. The header background is pale pink while the text is dark pink and has added doodles within some letters: a heart, a sparkle, a cresent moon, a little bug, and the transgender symbol.

Zhenya's Den

Wow! Your skilled web-surfing skills have brought you here.

Welcome to my website. I'm Zhenya. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

See the navigation to find parts of the den you can explore :3

!!![fairly] NEW HEDGEHOG GALLERY!!! <"ยท"\

It's my birthday today! leave me birthday msgs in my guestbook uwu :P

P.S. I love my girlfriend so much wahoooooo!!!! I miss her ;-; excited for when I next see her

P.P.S. I joined the transmasculine pride webring! So excited to look through people's website when I've got a bit of time. Check out the awesome widget in the left navbox!!!

This is very much a work in progress, so check back in to see this website develop and grow! If you'd like to see my practice HTML stuff, check out what I'm up to in my sandpit.

*~.Spread the word!.~*

fairy-of-mokosh in bubble writing with small green fairy transgender symbol and insectlike fairy surrounded by hearts and stars fairy-of-mokosh with small green fairy
chicks following chicken pixel art with hearts
the insectlike fairy wearing a hard hat and holding a hammer and clipboard with the text construction in progress hello kitty painting gif zooey electra, a pale turquoise shadow high fashion doll simple digital drawing of a quill writing in a book with text above and below saying 'sign my guestbook!' button with cartoon whale saying 'extra stuff!' gif of three smiling creatures dancing in a circle holding hands and surrounded by stars, hearts and music notes. Katya is a blue cat, snibby is a fat yellow creature with antennae and floppy ears, and bibby is a pink rabbit with dark arms.
blinkie with kirby swimming that says 'check out my blog!' rss logo, orange background, says 'RSS'

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